The Whistler   [ El Silbón ]

Those who have seen him describe him as a spectral and elongated figure up to six meters high, wearing a hat, who walks moving among the treetops.

A hand drawn illustration of a man with a hat and a grim smile. On his left hand he is holding a machete, on his right a sack full of bones. Two rabid dogs are chasing him.
The Cart From Hell [ El Carretón ]

The Cart From Hell   [ El Carretón ]

No beast was to be seen to pull that infernal carriage driven by a demonic figure, clad in a black cloak and irradiating sparkling fire from its mouth and eyes.

The Chained   [ El Encadenado ]

Chains hang from his arms, echoing from afar as they are dragged through the cobbled streets of the town, terrorizing all the inhabitants of Michelena.

A hand drawn illustration of a young man chained in a dungeon

The Wailer   [ La Llorona ]

Her spirit is often seen wandering near rivers and lagoons, in a long white dress, tall and scrawny, with long dark hair and a pale cadaverous face.

The Wailer [ La Llorona ]
Dr Knoche

Dr Knoche

Knoche prepared his own dose of the embalming serum, instructed his nurse to administer the formula and place his mummified body in his designated sarcophagus.